Nanjing Road walkway Shanghai

Ever wonder what 2226 photos on a bike without crashing in Shanghai looks like? Well here we have a video of just that. This traveller took 2226 images whilst riding a bicycle in the busy streets of Shanghai. The journey takes us from his apartment in the French Concession on whats now known as Huai Hai road, or formerly Jordan Road during the colonial era. He takes us through to Huangpu District ultimately leading us to the famous Bund.

Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city in the east of China. It’s famous for its trade and economic prowess, however Shanghai has a very interesting urban scene going on, especially in its unique suburbs which are the remnants of its colonial past. Among them is the French concession, known for its leafy streets and boulevards.

riding bike in the french concessionHave a glance at the neighbourhood in our latest video:


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