Do you like caviar, truffles, and flowers? The Mayflower in Darlinghurst has them!


Kevin Ly in front of cafe

Do you want to spoil yourself? How do caviar, truffles, and flowers sound to you?

We caught up with Kevin Ly from the Mayflower this week to talk about all the good things in life: caviar, truffles, flowers and art. We find out how The Mayflower pays tribute to its florist past, and explores the flavours and colours through an incredible 5-star menu!

Kevin Ly and Christian Lee worked closely with chef Choi Jiwan (formerly of Momofuku, Banksii, Bar H and Lake House), to bring a complete work of art along with the interior design of the building. Each dish stimulates every sensation, dazzling the eyes with a rich colourful compositions, and rewarding your flavour buds with the very best of quality ingredients!


Maggie speaks with Kevin Ly of The Mayflower



Not just a beautiful curated menu but a beautifully thought-out interior design


Kevin and Christian didn’t just put together an incredible menu, but complemented it with the interior design to create a special story. They worked closely with interior designer Keeley Baird from Something More Design and brought in artists such as Andrew Dennis for the murals, and Parisian trained florist Amy Thai of Don De L’Amour to create unique flower installations. Even the unique translucent marble stone used throughout the café is sourced from Iran.

The Mayflower Darlinghurst

A special thanks to Christian and Kevin for making this story possible.


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