Please welcome our newest member to the team: Maggie Liu, our new brand ambassador.


maggie liu

Maggie has an extensive background in the travel industry with over a decade of experience. Maggie is passionate about exploring and learning about new places and cultures. She has a lot to share about her experiences. Having her in the team will mean we’re going to bring you a lot more interesting stories and real experiences.

Why Hummnguide resonates with me.

I love to travel, and that is an understatement. My parents were hard working working-class immigrants who were really good at saving money. This meant an annual trip overseas to visit our relatives around the world, from Hong Kong and Thailand to Paris and LA. I mostly blame them for infecting me with the travel bug.

After high school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do except wait for my 18th birthday to come around and apply for Qantas as Cabin Crew. I enjoyed working in hospitality so I started there, thinking that should give me more service experience. When the time came, I applied, fortunately or unfortunately, I didn’t even get to panel interviews because I was a few centimetres too short of their requirements. 

At that time I was working at a hotel in Sydney. Call it coincidence or call it fate, but the hotel was hosting recruitment drives for Emirates Airlines (which at the time I didn’t know a thing about it). Success! This started a chain of events that opened an even bigger door to the travel industry. In less than a month, I was packing up my life and moving to Dubai. I was young, I made good use of the staff travel discounts, ramping it up even more in my last year, knowing that it was all coming to an end and I was ready to move home. My favourite souvenir from that time was a journal I kept, bursting at the seams with various hotel foldout maps, train/bus/museum ticket stubs and notes of must do (or don’t do) recommendations. I learnt to travel on my own, explore cities in less than 24hrs, to be open minded about tour groups and sleeping in 50 bed hostel dorm rooms. But most important of all, the fine balance between going with the flow and making plans.

I still fly, coming up to 12 years now and my passion has not changed, I still love it. There are many countries and cities I still haven’t been to, the list just keeps getting bigger every year. I’m here to shed some light from my travel experiences, which should hopefully reflect in how you use Hummguide, a one stop shop tool that makes travelling easier.  

If you want to see more on the life of a career flight attendant looks like, check out @magalily on Instagram




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