Please welcome our newest member to the creative team: Mustafa Muhalab.


mustafa muhalab


Hey guys we’re thrilled to announce we have our latest addition to the Hummguide team! Introducing Mustafa Muhalab, our new Creative Director, animation expert, meme connoisseur, and all round good guy!.


Mustafa studied at the prestigious Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia, and has worked for creative practices such as Jalal Creative Solution and Touchless in Cyberjaya.  He’s passionate about his work and is highly organised.


Mustafa is a firm believer in what we’re doing here at Hummguide and we’re extremely lucky to have him on board. His skills and talent means that the content we release to you guys will be much more watchable.


Please follow Mustafa and check out some of his work below:


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