Have you ever wanted to go to a cocktail bar and get that perfect drink and not have to worry about doing up your collar and spilling your drink?

Well, Ramblin Rascal Tavern across from Hyde Park in the Sydney CBD is basically that kind of place. You can have the quality service while still getting loose and being yourself.

We met up to speak with Charlie Lehman of Ramblin Rascal Tavern to reflect on his great stories and thirst for life, and to talk about how it all began.


Charlie Lehmann

It started with politics

Charlie’s journey first started back at university when he was pursuing a serious vocation and studying a degree in Social Inquiry majoring in International Politics. He studied for 3 years, and while he studied he worked in bars and hotels to sustain himself. Two very different worlds were converging and he had a realisation about the world and felt disillusioned by what he saw. Charlie jokes and says the degree has come in handy when he’s had to ‘politic’ people out of the bar when they get too drunk.

Charlie’s real passion for mixology came to the fore when he started to read about cocktails and made concoctions for his friends. It would inspire him to create his own perfect cocktail. He worked at the Baxter Inn where he perfected his craft. Charlie says he owes a lot to Anton & Jason, the co-owners of the Baxter Inn. He said “it didn’t matter who was on the other side of the counter, you would treat everyone with the best service.” it didn’t matter who they were.


ramblin rascal tavern

5 Star service and a loose collar

Charlie says Ramblin Rascals sits somewhere in the middle with regards to bars: “It’s not at the bottom and it’s not fancy. It’s somewhere in the middle. It gives you the 5-star experience while still being a dive bar: “we’re the loose guys, but we’re still pretty professional”.

It’s definitely a place where you can go drink and be sure to get a decent story. Charlie opens up and tells us a few, many of which are too personal to share. He talks about the one time someone rode a tricycle through the bar, another time when they played dance music during Mardi Gras. You meet some of the most interesting people in bars.


Sazerac cocktail recipe

Charlie generously took some time to show us how to make cocktails when we visited. Learn how to make a Sazerac:

Cognac based cocktail, real easy, real strong real stiff.


  • 4 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
  • 2 shots Hennessy VSOP
  • 1 shot of sugar
  • ice cubes
  • 1 sliced lemon
  • 1 sprinkle of Absinthe


  1. combine all ingredients in a glass and stir
  2. pour into chilled glasses
  3. sprinkle absinthe over top
  4. squeeze lemon slice into the drink




A special thanks to Charlie and the team at Ramblin Rascals for making this story possible.


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