Dre, Gabrielle and Daniel

When you walk off Clarence street into the 4 storey neoclassical sandstone office building in Sydney’s CBD, the last thing you expect is to be transported away into another world; into a lushly vegetated space, with cosy oak panelling, comfortable leather seats, bookshelves filled with original volumes and portraits of real people, illuminated by candlelight.

You have the overwhelming sense of being welcomed, and you feel at home. This is the home and the creation of Andres Walters (Dre), Gabrielle Walters and Daniel Noble who combined their extensive experience and their passions to create the perfect bar they always envisioned.

Old Mate's Place

We chat to Dre Walters about what makes a perfect rooftop bar


A hidden piña colada!

Jason tried to solve a mysterious Piña Colada. Delivered with only an ice cube and a marshmallow in a glass, along with an old book. It’s up to you to use to book and figure out the riddle.

Old Mate’s Place is full of unexpected surprises and hidden adventures. Make sure you stay tuned for Hummguide’s full experience video coming soon! 🌴🍹🤠

Hidden Piña Colada



A special thanks to Dre and the team at Old Mates Place for making this story possible.


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