If you’re thinking of starting yoga, there’s probably no better place than the Sydney Yoga Collective. Casey Castro and her team make yoga accessible, fun and create a relaxing environment for newcomers.


How it all began: Casey’s Story


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Casey first got started in yoga when she was about 16 in her home town of Tamworth at her local gym. Casey says looking back: “It was probably less yoga and more stretching”. A few years later Casey endured a neck injury which halted her involvement in sport. Yoga became a rehabilitating influence which helped her through that period.

Casey has perused many interests over the years. She has a diverse background in business management, fashion design, and psychology, which she has all used in setting up her studio. All of these things has helped her keep the business going in the fun and interesting way that it does. As “many yoga studios can be a bit in the clouds”, Casey says she tried to keep it grounded. She says psychology has helps her support the people she works with and for there to be a more genuine environment. It ties in with her philosophy of making yoga accessible for everyone. “Some studios can be a bit intimidating” she says, “Sydney Yoga Collective is not your average yoga studio, anyone can come, anyone can be at any level, everyone is welcome”. At Casey’s studio you don’t need to be able to touch your toes, and they’re not going to throw you into something challenging you have seen on Instagram straight away.




Gin and Yoga


manly distillery

They don’t take themselves too seriously at Sydney Yoga collective, and what could be more fun than having a cocktail and unwinding while doing a yoga class? Casey and her team partnered with Manly Distillery to do something a bit original. The way it works is simple: a mixologist will make you a cocktail at the beginning of the class, loosening things up a little, and then you proceed to sip your drink throughout the class, going through the various exercises. Casey sets up balancing exercises to see how much you have had. She says it’s a bit of fun and to not be taken too seriously. But she advises to drink in moderation! During the COVID-19 pandemic there was a spike in demand for the gin and yoga class. Casey joked that she hopes that everybody was drinking responsibly at home.


COVID-19 and Yoga


sydney yoga collective studio

Sydney Yoga Collective has never been shy of a challenge and pivoting. The studio had to immediately close their doors back in March, and had to quickly convert the yoga studio into a live stream studio. The feedback has been positive from their existing students, but at the same time it has helped them reach a whole new audience, bringing in new viewers from Ireland, Russia, Maylasia, New Zealand… all accessing their classes here in Sydney.


Return to Business


Sydney Yoga collective have taken the opportunity to refurbish the studio during the lock-down. They have put in new flooring, and new walling material. So, when people start coming back it will be really fresh and new.

Sydney Yoga Collective also took measures to make the studio more sanitised too. They have removed all the shared items from the studio, and introduced air purifiers in order to reduce any cross contamination between members. There will also be the implementation of a strict cleaning schedule between every class.


Future plans for Sydney Yoga Collective


Sydney Yoga Collective have partnered with Tourism New South Wales. They’ll be going around New South Wales to share classes and do some yoga videos which will be featured on visitnsw.com and sydney.com, as part of their health and wellness program. The first place that they will be going to will be in the Hunter Valley to a place called the Spicers retreat. So, stay tuned!


A special thanks to Casey Castro and the team at Sydney Yoga Collective for making this story possible.


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