Given, the coronavirus saga, many people aren’t probably travelling. But this doesn’t mean we can’t experience travel and unique places. Or even plan for where we might want to go after the saga
Here’s a short video of one of the most underrated coastal cities in Vietnam: A trip to one of the best secret-cities in the world … It’s called Quy Nhon, pronounced “wee non”.

Hidden secret

I wanted to share a little history of this amazing little town.
Quy Nhon was officially founded back in the 18th century, however, it’s origins date back much further to the 11th Century. Originally founded by a bunch of people known as the Champas. A group of people who share a culture much more closer to Thai & Cambodian rather than Vietnamese.

Fun Facts

  • During the 1620’s the town was also host to Portuguese Jesuits.
  • During the Ming Treasure Voyages back in the 15th century, the Chinese fleet lead by admiral Zheng he would always make port at Quy Nhon as their first destination after leaving China
  • It was also the birthplace of the Vietnamese emperor Nguyen Hue. “A popular street name in modern Vietnam for anyone who has visited”
exploring on motorbike vietnam

On my way up with my Honda 125


vietnam war bunker quy nhon

Discovered an old war bunker.



So if you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, or if you’re currently stuck in Vietnam because of COVID-19, maybe stop by Quy Nhon and drop by Quy Nhon Sports Bar. A nice place to grab a drink after a long journey into this beautiful town. Vietnam: A trip to one of the best secret cities in the world.


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