Sophie Tea


It all began when Sophie Tea had painted a mural in exchange for room and board while she was travelling in India. She said “it was honestly one of those moments (…) I need to do this with my life!” She tells us about her journey, what she has learnt and what’s most important to her. She’s painted animals, abstract pours, and talks about her latest nude paintings of strong individual women and how it’s affected them in the most meaningful ways. Sophie has already achieved so much in her young career but still manages to keep a relaxed and approachable vibe in her small Manly Gallery.


Sophie Tea Art


Sophie’s gallery is a mixture of a boutique shopfront and working studio, painted in highlights of her trademark pink hue. But it’s also casual and inviting. There is a large comfy couch as you enter. Sophie encourages you to not to be intimidated by the paint splattered here and there, and to come in have a chat over a cup of tea.


Sophie shares her story with us




Sophie's Studio


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